Saturday, February 23, 2008

he is iant

This is iant, he lives here in the photo world and blogs here. He is the fairy dogfather, May loves him and so we made him this hat as he is a celebrity and you should be overt in your celebrity-ism

Thanks iant ; )

Friday, February 08, 2008

Today I am going too think about 10 British things that I like, not in any sense of anglophilism (can I have that anyway?) but just because I lately feel like I have been knitting up union jacks like there is no tomorrow ~ I would also like too point out that I am happy that it is relatively straightforward as, say the US flag may be might tricky or the German flag pretty straightforward so I guess the UJ is pretty middle of the road.

Talking of stars and stripes, I love this Wonder Woman jumper. What else would you ever need?

10 things I like that are definitely very British:

1. Cups of tea - why? how does that happen, is it a genetic thing

2. Marmite - ditto above, strange eh

3. The changing weather, always gives us something to talk about

4. That no-one really knows if they should say they are British, Uk or European - always in a quandry

5. That it is acceptable to be eccentric (probably includes not knowing what you are from statement above)

6. Fish and Chips (obviously without the fish for me please)

7. That a tea-cosy can double up as an acceptable woolly hat and no-one will question it

8. Tank tops form a basis of every day life and it is possible to get away with it

9. That a complete knowledge of Dr Who is acceptable

10. Eating of really good homemade cake...mmmm