Monday, February 23, 2009


A perfect day - even though it has been a really busy time with so much to do and I was slightly worried about my ability to make sense of my week,, we ended it perfectly with a knitty day at Unravel.

My parents have been with us for 18 days, it was an unexpected visit for a sad reason and then we got even longer together because Pai became ill - it is true that the last three times he has been over to stay we have had either a hospital or emergency doctor visit which may be the norm for some people but in our family my Pai isn't sick so it has been unusual and sometimes feels like we are the bad omen.

Today they went back and already there is a little bit missing in our lives but later with the wonder of technology we will be able to skype them and chat and know that they are home safe and sound - just their touch and kisses will be missing

I have loved them being here, my mum has been knitting away and in her bag is some yarn from me and bamboo needles for her. She made two Ishbels to my one (it's mine in the photo above). What is happening to me? I am making things in purple, the colour I don't like - I had just enough Count Olaf (made by skeinqueen) to almost finish it, just one row and the cast-off row short but I managed to edge in another yarn from her Lemony Snicket series.... perfect

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wrapping things up

It's been a busy time, getting ready for Unravel for a trip out with the outcasts where we will be showing some work and helping people with a project from the wonderful Skein Queen.

Expecting the parents, snow allowing to arrive any day now, Parents evening tonight, auditions today and work to be done, real work that slots in around everything else.

This morning though I sent my parcel to The Turnpike Gallery for the UK D.I.Y exhibition, follow the link to see some other exhibitors. I won't be there for the opening as Love is Awesome is opening here on the same day but I have sent a little treat for the wonderful SallyF, something inspired by her - I can't show you here but it's wrapped in the black tissue with green spotty ribbon.... peek