Saturday, May 31, 2008


It is only now as I was uploading the photos that I realised it was a red day.
Handknit gloves by me - a sample for a possible Riley design - ziggety zay

Beautiful tree at Cliveden

Poppies in the Secret Garden

And the young hustlers back home

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

well it is still raining

When will it stop, there a brief respite yesterday - you know the day that I have to go to work and do a huge list of things with the children as well, but today, a comparatively quiet day it is raining. Today there is a huge washing mountain that needs doing but too wet out to dry on the line, so on with the waterproofs and out May and I will venture.

In an ideal world, my home would be a shrine to goodly things like these gorgeous paper cut outs but in reality my home is a constant hive of adventure, fragility would have a hard time co-existing!


Monday, May 26, 2008

When you know it is a Bank Holiday Weekend

So what is different about this Bank Holiday?
It is raining - check
The hubby is working - check
No other soul will walk the dog with me in this weather - check

It must be statistically written somewhere that when you are planning a day out walking and it is a Bank Holiday that this will invariably be a wet one or am I being pessimistic - it is okay really, I don't mind the wet and cold too much. Out walking I like the space and quiteness (especially knowing I have temporarily escaped from being the hostess and everyone is sleeping), it just is that bit when you have too peel of the wet pieces of clothing, dry them and return to a normality and try and warm up. Meanwhile the children look on, in horror

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am hiding here on the computer, looking around and reading blogs - just trying to find a moment of solace away from the kerfuffle. And as I am gazing around I see that the last two days of crafting 365 have had a blue theme, not for any reason of having the blues but that particular colour keeps popping up and there was me thinking yellow was my current obsession - however I do find myself fumbling for the blue mug to drink from and dreaming about a blue sky for this weekend instead of the clouds and the forecast gloom and rain.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Having my cake and eating it

mmmm, cake week - so far we have made 3 lemon traybakes (I know that is excessive but one was for knit night and everyone loves them), a victoria sponge, a cherry cake and a Bradbury Biscuit Cake.

Making the cakes = stopping me from going insane - we have a house guest for a week, I have a busy work schedule and the kids have lots of extra extra curricular activities going on (that is not a typo, there are extra extras). Everyone is on their best behaviour, but we are all like little pots waiting to boil over. My Mother-in-Law arrives in a few hours and that will be a test of any virtues I may have pertaining too patience (frankly I don't have many).

The brightest star today is for May who is exactly 2 years old, we rescued her 9 months ago and she makes me smile

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

sweet blog, not abandoned just so little time to update you. So what have we been doing?

making things

playing card games in disguise

gazing at my new shoes

going on adventures

then more adventures

making sheep in a tent

that's right, sheep

making cakes

and dyeing the grey bits out of my hair

Lifes priorities