Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To be inspired

I was inspired by the list of things that my friend SkeinQueen has been up to: spinning, dyeing, updating, hanging out in Bentleys and lashing it up with the ladies. She made me feel like a sloth....

So here is my weekend, not as entertaining but maybe it's because I am a wee bit older than her....

1. Wore silly noses for red nose day

We thought we did something funny for money. It was very hard to behave normal.

2. Saturday involved ferrying children to activities but with an added gorgeous walk in the middle of it with Mr Detroit

Met knitty friends up at the canteen and knit and nattered whilst children had their lesson.

3. Resolved myself to the fact that I would have to finish the jumper I started for Christmas ~ why is it that the hubby wants a black boring jumper.... my mum would say it's payback for all the years she had to make me black school jumpers as I refused to wear the other colour choice, an odd red colour.

4. Actually started to properly write up the pattern for the Union Jack gloves and hoping that it makes sense ~ skeinqueen and I will be selling them as kit form with coherent instructions (*cough, cough, that's my job*) and SQ does the anarchic inspired dyeing.

Funny eh, there was me being inspired by anarchy and Johnny Rotten to make these and suddenly I find myself confined to charting and numbers and swatching.... heh ho
: )

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Surpises in the post, new ideas and better things

Today is my mum's birthday so a special day and we woke her up this morning just to sing happy birthday to her via Skype before the children went to school. She opened her presents, 3 skeins of caran d'ache I commissioned from the amazing skeinqueen, a heart shaped box and cards from us all. It was a big box so to protect it on it's journey I'd packed in stash wool that I was giving to her anyway but I think that confused my dad. He'd opened the parcel yesterday to check and thought that he had inadvertently opened *the present*, not realising the spare yarn was packing for safety round the heart hand carved box.

Then I too got a surprise in the post - a present for me:

Two skeins of *golden teal* in Elegance - I love teal, I love yellow so this is perfect for me. Skeinqueen gave me these as a thank you for helping her at Unravel - my word, what a treat anyway without being sent yarn.

The smaller parcel contained this, Kelpie in a new yarn base, Squash. I will be knitting this up as a sample for Skeinqueen for her next show - I'm thinking of making the Ishbel beret. I love that word, Kelpie.....

Monday, March 09, 2009


Last week was a busy and hard and long one, too many deadlines, too much to achieve but I hit the weekend having done almost all of it and not only that but we had future big decisions to be made right there and then (that's the problem with the future, it suddenly appears).

So the big decisions were made, work stuff dealt with, non work stuff dealt with, housework semi dealt with and then Sunday was a blue sky day and we walked and walked to the lakes with the tree loving children.

The afternoon was spent together, them writing 3 scene plays for their homework, me cracking on with the smocking on the Coraline - a photo will arrive soon, I promise