Thursday, January 24, 2008

May, one very loved dog

She has only been here a short time and has tried and tested us with different quirks such as running up the stairs but crying a she is too frightened too come down, having an odd nibble on visitors when she is frightened, crying at zebra crossings and generally taking the whole sofa too herself when we are at home.

But we are all working really hard too make her feel loved, wanted and special and there are changes already - she is a rescue dog who we did not know much about apart from that she was skinny, her muscles were wasted but she also wanted to be with us. She is part of us and life without her after only 5 months seems difficult too imagine. We love her, a very loved dog

Sunday, January 20, 2008

plagarised from the cards

, originally uploaded by Cardinal Wolsey.

Here is something I made a little earlier, it is a gift for the lovely iant who is May's fairy dogfather...ahhh, bless Thank you Cardinal Wolsey for allowing me too steal from your pictures x x

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a small (very small) addiction I have

It is yarn, not your run of the mill yarn, but strokeable yarn....mmmmm

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

'tis all my fault

So you would think I have enough to do with work, life, family, lovely dog, knitting, flickr'ing but I find myself Ravelry-ing. Looking at beautiful things, seeing what people have made, seeing other people's addictions. So I was stroking the Noro and maybe became so obsessed that I find myself with a Noro'd child, not the yarn type the sicky type : (

Friday, January 11, 2008

I may have said this before: Rain, rain and more rain

I think there is a theme here, I don't think it has actually stopped raining enough yet to dry the roads since I arrived back 48 hours ago - I am sure it must have at some point but the river is flowing high and every time I walk outside the rain is tipping down.

I'd forgotten how much it rains and have been going out dressed as some strange dog walker to try and keep dry but no matter how many layers you have on it gets to your skin - that might be where the rain trickles in over my boots, or swings under the hood of my raincoat or drips of my raincoat direct onto my knees.

It did stop may jumping in the river today and am not sure why as she was already wet.

Five things I miss about Portugal:
Pai e Mae
No rain
Hearing the sea
Being able to learn another language and practice it on strangers

Five things I missed about England
Hearing the hub bub
my mates who I could chatter wildly too in a freestyle way and they could understand me

I will keep looking at the little gnome's blog to keep me up to date

Thursday, January 03, 2008


I never thought I would be so excited by rain but it rained and rained. The soil is lying on top of the grass, thunder and lightening ~ the thrill of a simple thing. It has turned chilly (comparative to before) but nothing like home where there is snow.

Then followed by blue sky and then more rain but that leaves more time to finish the bane of my life the dreaded school jumper and Gretel beret for Bama to match her new Tank Top for School in the dirgiest regulation green colour ever.

Back to the knit....

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Say goodbye to the Old, hello to the New

So it is time to say goodbye to all of last year and hello to this year, we couldn´t be in a better place to do it then with people who have made a dramatic leap from what they were doing this time last year.

So we wish you all the chance to follow your dreams in 2008