Thursday, January 24, 2008

May, one very loved dog

She has only been here a short time and has tried and tested us with different quirks such as running up the stairs but crying a she is too frightened too come down, having an odd nibble on visitors when she is frightened, crying at zebra crossings and generally taking the whole sofa too herself when we are at home.

But we are all working really hard too make her feel loved, wanted and special and there are changes already - she is a rescue dog who we did not know much about apart from that she was skinny, her muscles were wasted but she also wanted to be with us. She is part of us and life without her after only 5 months seems difficult too imagine. We love her, a very loved dog

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Chocolate and Steel said...

oh, that is so sweet! Dogs are just amazing, aren't they. I have a rescue also that has some seriously crazy quirks:) Like barking in her sleep and banging her head on the ground. Strange.