Monday, October 08, 2007

drowning gloves and loving the dog

So here, I am day 35 of the 365 crafting days project. Making Lupin's aka bugsandfishes hobo gloves drown, well, just soaking them, ready to block and then sew. These are based on the first fingerless gloves that I ever made myself when I was 14, a whole blinking 25 years ago - my knitting has improved ; ).

Those ones, 25 years ago were stripy, I was obsessed even then and my mum aka grandmalovestooknit taught me how

I also realise that I am only 20 whole days behind Lupin.... a kind of number anniversary of multi sorts - have I already said I love numbers??

The last thing I will do tonight, as I do every night is love the dog, no matter how much I want to slunk to bed she is always there waiting to give me a cuddle. Love that dog.

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Unknown said...

I love this pic of you and the dog, so glad you decided to un-hide your face :D xx