Sunday, November 18, 2007

Etsy front page

It's always a thrill to find that you are on Etsy's front page!

But then today has been a day of many treats, small ones that just spring up on you when you are feeling at a low ebb. After having had a strange and curious swelling of the face, burning ears and generally just feeling very pants, a large number of good things happened to me today.

I have had lovely messages from so many people wh have said sweet things, a reinforcement of how lucky I am.

Treats by strangers are included, including this lovely blogpost by an avid pebble collector who collected my pebble twins


gilfling said...

hey suzanne! Aww I hope your curious swelling is a-ok now - I know how things like that can get you down.

Congrats on the front page glory!!

alabama whirly said...

thanks gilf, I am feeling better - it was so so lovely too meet you in London, thank you for coming all that way x x x