Saturday, April 19, 2008

starting the journey

This is us, on our way - I am not sure if I want to spoil the simplicity of these photos with lots of grrrinng, complaining etc but needless to say we made it to the airport, through the snow, on a bus then a train then a replacement bus for part of the train track was down then on another train then checked in, through passport control etc etc only to be told 45 minutes before departure time that our flight was cancelled so too queue for over 3 hours to be put on another flight 48 hours later - everything was fine until the airport bit and I do not want to spoil the pics with a monotone rant about Easyjet, promises of somewhere to stay, compensation, food that equalled nothing in the end.

Thankfully our knight in shining armour (aka my father-in-law) collected four waifs with luggage and gave us beds for two nights.

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