Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grey days, old and new

It's been a grey time, the weather, things that are sad that are happening and I keep being drawn to simple things and old things.

In work I am busy, there are opportunities that need to be seized, papers to write, ideas to put down on paper, works to send to exhibitions, changes to be made.

Some things are getting done and each day I am getting nearer to finishing the project, it's taken a long time and much history to get to this part but when it's done it will be a major milestone. There is very little free time at the moment with all of the above and I squeaked at the idea of entertaining an old friend for an evening, a precious evening free, but when he came bearing a gift and good chat, it all made sense.

images 1: swatching for Coraline. 2: swatching 3: new shawl made from old vintage lavender from skeinqueen and old drawing of me from Ian C Taylor, by Tabitha Hindley


Anonymous said...

Sending vibrant purples, lavenders and limey greens to banish the greys and to cheer you, Whirly.
Do I see that you're exhibiting at UKDIY, too? 'Twill be lovely to see you,

Skein Queen said...

Seize those opportunities!!

When it's all over, just think what you've achieved. It'll all be worth it.

SQ x