Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My grandfathers battery charger

So my parents are moving, leaving the country, packing up from the house they have lived in for the past 36 years and for my Dad it will be the first time he will ever have left Reading too live.

We won't be lonely, I have so many relatives live locally, in fact too many to be able to see and I often see them fleetingly when I am in town and I know that we are *unusual* these days, living in such a dense area of relatives and I also know that when I left when I was 18 I said I was not going to come back..so why am I here?

I know why I came back, it was temporary and I still feel like a nomad. This is a short stop for me (well 14 years) but now my parents are going and the children are getting bigger everything is slotting in place to think about the future.

Here is my past, my grandfathers car battery charger, my dad uses it - it works perfectly and will be mine to fire up the YUYG . I have gathered a plethora of goodies from my parents, a tool chest that my grandfather made when he was 15, a bunny plane, a rebate plane, some tools from my great grandfather.. a line of carpenters.

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Feltbug said...

I love this battery charger - reminds me of my grandpa and his workshop full of exciting things like this - sadly missed :)