Tuesday, April 17, 2007

scarey shop window 2

scarey shop window 2, originally uploaded by alabamawhirly.

This shop, the infamous Jacksons is an absolute must for a visit, don't expect background music, modern technology or trendy sales assistants but do expect strange odd things that you did not know you even needed to buy and then a few pounds later, there they are in a Jacksons bag, under your arm. Purchases have included specific coloured pipe cleaners, a lampshade frame, various old style hankies, gloriously large amounts of wool (for evidence look here at my cupboard) school uniform items, needles, scissors, thread and a belt buckle.. not too mention that my schooldays were spent with a visit to the uniform department, but the scarey schoolgirl in shop window is enough to terrify anyone.

And did I mention that this shop holds a staff team with a wealth of knowledge - it would be very rude to guess their ages but I believe a large number would be over the retirement age.

And did I mention that if you wish to pay by card (in that modern way) then you will have too proceed to the front of the store to have your card processed.

And did I also mention that if your purchase is more than a few coins in change, your money and receipt is put in a tube and sent through to the accounts department who return it the same way with your change and receipt. I have it from a very good source that it is *an operational Lamson pneumatic tube system with nine stations over two floors, dating from the 1960s*

And if that does not make you want to come and see Jacksons then at least you may be heartened by the news that they accept Euros... hurrah, an old staff team with an eye on the future... well, in some aspects

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