Thursday, August 30, 2007

bama took this

bama took this, originally uploaded by alabamawhirly.

another day at the seaside.

Talent is seeping through their veins, Louie loves his board, both surf and skate, playing his guitar and generally looking very rock *starry*

Whirly sings, makes and takes good pictures. She loves it, picking the camera at any opportune moment

I love it, that she does that.

It is nearly time for them to go back to school and me to completely re-focus on my job in the real world. The next few months mean a flurry of art and craft fairs, organising an exhibition, developing new projects, pushing the new build along (for which I shall be wearing this!. I love my job, the variety and change but I will also miss the time with them

And apart from that, I will spend more time updating my etsy shop with new pieces that are waiting to be photographed by whirly (yes she does all my photos, check these out!), keeping to grips with the blog, flickr, knit night, the new puppy May, life and friends - phew, roll on the autumn.

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