Monday, September 03, 2007

a cup of tea and a mohair spoon - crafting 365, day 1

So the lovely lupin invited me to join the crafting365 pool over on flickr. (This should be okay as long as I remember to photograph my work!)

Here is day 1 in the 365 pool for me - this is a piece of work that has been flipping around in my head for a while but there have been so many projects on the go that I have kept it to one side. It is a handknitted and crochet mohair and merino spoon, inspired by a very old forum post at the beginning of 2007 regarding strange punishments (don't ask) - this also led to the pants competition, which you can read about at the uk etsysellers blog updated by the fabulous lupin, how does she do it??

Venturing into the uk forum is a strange array of delights, you will never know what you might read about from hairy spoons, to pants to so much worse and sometimes it can be distracting away from the real job of making but I love it to bits

So this piece of work is a homage to the uk sellers

The spoon comes in a Reading Museum box which once held a spoon, but never one quite like this.

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