Thursday, September 06, 2007

just trashy enough

SPT 6 Sept 07, originally uploaded by alabamawhirly.

So we live in this beautiful home, that was unloved and we have loved it to bits, moving things, fixing things, adding more lights, restoring pieces and now after 9 years there is a new opportunity to change our lives big time. Currently we have so little time together as a family as our mortgage waits to be paid each month (in fact it does not wait, it stamps its feet impatiently) and we have 16 more years to go.

I never imagined I would be a completely inaugurated member of the mortgage club, always having been quite flighty in my movements such as living here at Walsingham House. But my life for many years has been focussed around jelly and soon jelly will be moving to a new home and then the young blood will deliver the next 15 years of jelly's life.

So for us, Si wants to go back to the sea and suddenly Twinkle has appeared and could be our new home, that is a home without a toilet, heating, designated rooms but it does come with running water but sadly the wrong kind that flows through at high tide and needs to be pumped out - are you sold on it yet? She is over 100 years old but has a permanent mooring and a potential to be loved and lived on temporarily whilst the next boat is built.

The extra upside is that we will completely eliminate our mortgage and be able to buy her and the mooring outright so we will be free.

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