Monday, March 03, 2008

mothers and daughters

So we spent the weekend trying to finish things off. Whirly had a project for the new baby next door - a little hat on circular needles, I was trying to finish the edging rows of the present for my mum. This has to be done by Thursday to be posted to her for her birthday, a 16 row pattern x 70 times. I did not get much done yesterday, visited the mother in law for Mothering Sunday which involved us catering (that should read *me* as hubby did none), driving two hours each way but at least we walked May on the beach... well Louie and I did as bama has a break in her foot, hubby was tired and Mother in Law set of with us but then her feet hurt too so she was collected.

mothers and daughters, mother in laws, mothers in other countries

Happy Mothers Day Mae x x x


Chocolate and Steel said...

Those pictures are really beautiful. I'm sure your mother will be so pleased:)

alabama whirly said...

thank you chocolate and steel ; )

Skein Queen said...

Hope you got everything finished in time - they look lovely. Poor Bama!