Friday, March 28, 2008

What I would really like today

Is a quiet day, a catch up

I have been chasing my tail, walking the dog, delivering training, stretching my mind, working, struggling too finish gifts in time for birthdays, entertaining children.

But today I would like a quiet day.

Re-edited at 8.44am after feeding the family, putting the laundry on, loading the dishwashing machine, hoovering, taking the children too school and walking the dog - things are yet to go to plan but I did find this from REforms blog

What I need:
More hours in the day
or days in the week.
More room to breath
or a cleaner.
More money in my pocket
or someone to sew up the holes.
More of an organised house
or somewhere safe to put my camera.
More chocolate
or a personal trainer.

More weekends away
or a really long sodding holiday.

mmmm, she is so right there!


iant said...

well, i can't provide a time machine, benefact projects, chocolate etc etc but... as always, if you need a dog walker on busy or away days i'm free (as in speech and charge) from the 14th May onwards.

Alpaca Granny said...

I do hope that you got a quiet day - eventually.

alabama whirly said...

thanks iant and maple for both your wishes - unsurprisingly it was quite chaotic but I like those days too
; )